"Perception"  Leggings
"Perception"  Leggings
"Perception"  Leggings
"Perception"  Leggings
"Perception"  Leggings

"Perception" Leggings

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Mellivora leggings were created by Chris Gerardi because he wanted to share the inspiration from his photography and passion for seeing beauty with others. Originally Mellivora was a website that sold photography. Then Chris saw a lady wearing ugly leggings and it was at that minute that he decided to put his photography on leggings. 
He realized beautiful art is around us every day. Each pair of Mellivora leggings brings photography and design together to make unique products to express and share creativity with the world. Mellivora leggings are not mass produced - they are printed, cut and sewn all in-house in Berthoud, Colorado by one of Mellivora’s team members. 
The team at Mellivora goes through great detail and handwork to make every pair a high-quality piece of wearable art. Each pair of leggings you buy will have the name of the location the photo was taken in the inner waist band, the photographer, and our inspirational name we give every design. All of Mellivora products are crafted in Colorado. When you buy Mellivora you're not just buying leggings, you're buying art. Each pair is made USA milled material and features stretch technology that expands and recovers with your muscles with the cross and lengthwise.


- Photo Designed: Yellowstone National Park, Geyser
- Moisture Wicking
- 3D Contouring

Size Chart

Waist 22-24"  Hip 32-34"  Length 29.0" --- XS
Waist 25-27"  Hip 35-37"  Length 30.0" --- S
Waist 28-30"  Hip 38-40"  Length 30.5" --- M
Waist 31-33"  Hip 41-43"  Length 30.5" --- L
Waist 34-36"  Hip 44-46"  Length 30.5" --- XL