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Women's leggings made in Colorado - Endurance
Women's leggings made in Colorado - Endurance
Women's leggings made in Colorado - Endurance
Women's leggings made in Colorado - Endurance
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    "Endurance" Garden of the Gods Leggings


      Mellivora's "Endurance" Garden of the Gods edition full leggings are printed, hand cut, and stitched in Colorado. Each pair is made from USA milled material and features stretch technology that expands and recovers with your muscles with the cross and lengthwise grains, keeping you comfortable from the mountain to the yoga studio.

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      Photo: Garden of the Gods.

      ENDURANCE: Have you ever started a project only to find yourself questioning the validity of it? We have all done this and it's one of the biggest reasons we quit these ventures early. Starting and stopping our projects and making up reasons to quit them will never yield the results we are looking for. In life, there are so many reasons to tell yourself to quit - like what others may think of you or maybe because of other obligations. Does that then mean that the money and time you invested was a waste? 

      These are all questions that we will ask ourselves when we have a new idea. It's like the majority of things we do in life - we come up with reasons to never start or to quit. We put it off one day and then say we'll get to it the next day, but what if I told you that life is all about endurance? While pushing yourself into uncharted areas to achieve the long-term goal, we focus way too much on the short-term. Doing so will never yield the results you want - life has to be about doing it the hard way. 

      Endurance is the what it takes to get through the hard times. I started Mellivora a little over a year ago and I can tell you it is still a daily challenge. When I took this picture of Garden of the Gods I thought, it took hundreds of thousands of years for this to form, so why do we feel we need to create something overnight? Nothing great or beautiful happens overnight. Sometimes I ask myself if I'm going to make it, however, I know that quitting is not an option. Following through is key. So if you have an idea don't wait to start it tomorrow, start it today!And if your worried about what others will think, don't!

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