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Women's leggings made in Colorado - Embrace

    Embrace Leggings


      Mellivora's "Embrace" mountain leggings are printed, hand cut, and stitched in Colorado. Each pair is made USA milled material and features stretch technology that expands and recovers with your muscles with the cross and lengthwise grains, keeping you comfortable from the mountain to the yoga studio.

      Photo: Front Range Sunset Colorado.

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      EMBRACE: We don’t hear the word "embrace" too often in our everyday world, except for maybe once in a while to “embrace the moment”. The definition of "embrace" is accepting and supporting something willingly and enthusiastically. There are many things in our everyday life that if we can embrace a little more, we may find a more peaceful place.

      Next time you’re in a difficult place or situation, remember to embrace the struggle because it shall make you stronger; embrace the pain as it will eventually turn into happiness; embrace the things that are harder for you than it is for others, as it shall become easier; embrace helping others without anything in return as it shall bring peace; and lastly, embrace the things that are not perfect because it was never meant to be. Taking a risk is always a scary and unknown path.

      Mellivora has taken many risks over and over again since day one. However, the one thing Mellivora does well is that we embrace all the struggles that come along with it. We embrace the fact that it is ten times harder to manufacture clothing in the United States. We embrace the fact that we did not grow up in the clothing manufacturing industry. We embrace being able to communicate with our wonderful community. We embrace the struggles every start-up business goes through. Once we embrace the things around us that are new or hard to at first we become more enlightened by the positive things that are surrounding us that we may not even know about.

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