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Why the name Mellivora?

Many people have asked why we chose to call our brand Mellivora.

Mellivora is a latin term for the honey badger.

We at Mellivora feel like we resonate with honey badgers since we are relentless in our pursuit of finding what life means through our experiences.

The honey badger is a totally fearless animal, and no matter how small they are, they fear nothing.

We are also trying to seek life through "adventure" in a fearless way.

We want our followers and customers to pursue life and adventure in the same way.

Humans are small in comparison to the world around us, however, through the fearless pursuit, we can achieve great things and overcome all fears.

We want to inspire others to do the same no matter what the obstacles are.

We believe that everyone has an "inner Mellivora", and want you to find your "fearlessness" through your own adventures!