Why Mellivora?

Why Mellivora?
Mellivora was founded upon the idea of getting outside to find inspiration.

While living an active lifestyle as a female, I find myself wearing leggings during my morning run, to the grocery store, to dinner or even just for a few drinks!

I used to put on a pair of leggings and never thought twice about where they came from or why I was even putting them on (I only knew that they were comfy).

But then, I began to feel like just another dollar sign in the eyes of the corporate companies.

By putting on the same black leggings day after day, I often felt frustrated because I wanted more of out the clothes I spent my hard earned money on.

I wanted to feel more empowered and connected to the resources I was investing in.

We can easily go through life buying things over and over again, that of which we have no connection with or no idea where the resources came from.

So what can we gain from that concept?

When will we find happiness or self-fulfillment in the items we are investing in?

That's exactly why Mellivora wants to change the way you consume products.

We want to connect you to products that not only inspire you personally, but motivate you to make conscious decisions to benefit your community and our world.

When I wake up and put on a pair of Mellivora leggings, I feel a rush of self-worth and empowerment to take on any challenge that comes my way.

While many negative events are taking place in this world, I'm reminded daily that all of us can put more energy into being conscious about how our actions, including purchases, are effecting our personal growth, the world we live in, and future generations.

When I put on a pair of Mellivora leggings, I know that I am supporting a company that is trying to do many positive things in this world, and I too, feel inspired to make a difference in this world every chance I get!