What Inspires You?

by Chris Gerardi on June 12, 2017
Between the vendor fairs, festivals, and the production of our newest pattern inspired by our latest adventure, we have been quite busy!

Each time Mellivora hits another milestone, we find it important to reflect and refocus as needed.

Have you ever felt stuck, constantly spinning your wheels, and never reaching a sense of true fulfillment?

So have we!

The decision to let go of the unimportant, unnecessary and excessive objects in our lives is the exact reason why our team came to be, and this is what drives us to continue living out the Mellivora Mission every day.

Beyond the real-life adventures that inspire our patterns, we choose to align each aspect of Mellivora to the same standards that we know will make an impact for the better, such as recycled materials and packaging.

We sincerely believe that this intrinsic blend of personal and professional values is the future of a successful and sustainable business.

Take a moment to contemplate how your everyday decisions can actually make an impact in life.

Maybe you decided to pick up a healthy breakfast from the local café instead of choosing a “corporate” coffee house - a choice that not only benefited your health but also caused a positive ripple effect in your community.

The Mellivora team has transformed their own lives through these types of small steps and at the same time becoming more thoughtful and deliberate, from what we put in and on our bodies, to how we spend our money and time.

Replacing an excessive materialistic mindset for that of an experience driven lifestyle was the first step in bringing Mellivora to life.

We are passionate about our ability to encourage others through our story and product and hope that you will join us on this journey of growth and transformation of the Mellivora community.

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Now it's your turn - tell us - what inspires you?

What drives you to pursue your passions??