What are We Doing?

by Chris Gerardi on November 19, 2018
First off, sorry for being gone so long from the blogging world. We have been extremely busy with making a brand new pattern from the ground up. We have also adjusted our color saturation so they are much better. 
We took the feedback over the last year and made the investments to make Mellivora's product even better and more beautiful. What we have realized is many companies will choose to make minimal investments each year to maximize profits. 
Thankfully Mellivora was a startup so we really don't set profit goals or even sales goals. We make products to connect people and inspire them. We make products that are beautiful yet functional. I have to be honest, profits are not my main motivator. 
In fact, what motivates me is seeing the excitement that our customers get when they realize how unique Mellivora is. I like smiles from happy customers and if they are not happy I want to find a way to make them happy. 
It's now holiday season, which is overwhelming, and I'm thankful we don't have to make up all these Black Friday deals and make our employees work on Thanksgiving. 
 Sometimes I think, what are we doing all this for? It's a sick obsession that frankly needs to end. Its all sell, sell, sell! When it should be about family, friends and gratefulness. Lets face it we have become a little lost when it comes to holidays.  
I don't support companies that make employees work on holidays but do support ethical ways of doing things. I might work on those days but, Mellivora is not "work" to me. Have a safe and thankful Thanksgiving and thank you for supporting Mellivora!