We all could use a little more...

by Jen Coffey on December 30, 2018

 Our society needs a little more patience. 

We all probably have heard this before from our mentors and parents but what I want others to know is that what we are really missing is patience in others. 

Patience when it comes to interacting with others, patience when it comes to putting down our electronic devices around others even if we are bored, patience with explaining a new topic or idea to someone, and patience with others going through times that are hard to understand.

We all rush through life like we are at a track meet racing the 400-meter dash. We hurry and race through daily interactions without giving the outsider or new idea a chance. We are stuck in our ways and don’t stop to think twice about doing something different. We hear one thing and believe it. We hear something new and don’t believe any of it. 

The majority of the world calls people crazy for doing things differently, but I call it being creative and having patience. 

We all are different on this planet so why do we grow up thinking we should all do the same thing and think the same way once we become adults. Our society tells us a job determines your success and the paycheck determines your wealth. But what can you buy if you are not able to be patient enough to open up your mind to something new and rewarding?

How are we going to continue to grow and learn every day if our minds are closed to new things that do not fall into the “instant gratification” category? 

What I have learned from taking a path that was “different” from the path society wanted me to take was that we all are trying to fit into a square hole yet we are all different shapes and sizes. We are not supposed to do the same thing in this world. 

Doing things different means doing things that focus on your strengths while working on your weakness daily. Society tells you to hide your weakness and bust your ego with your strength. 
What does that equate to?
Well, a lot of unhappy humans living in a world that is controlled by a piece paper called the dollar.