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Truth or Deceit?

by Chris Gerardi on February 11, 2018

There has been so much in the news about company leadership and lack of moral character, that it only makes sense to address the situation.

I do not know all the details of what has been happening, however, what I can say is lack of character and morals in corporations has been going on for a long time.

The worst part is we as consumers give these companies our hard-earned money.

We assume they do the right thing, yet many of us who have worked or are working for these corporations, clearly know they don't.

Lululemon is, as you know, a legging company that has had many issues - both past and present - with leadership, and the question remains, why does this continue?

One of the most irritating issues is that these so-called leaders get huge golden parachutes and it's the consumers' hard-earned cash that pays them, so basically leadership is "rewarded" for lack of leadership.

Why do we seem to be okay with being constantly lied to about what we are consuming?

Whether it's with the food industry, clothing industry, or even the banking industry, we are being misled.

Let's face it - the corporate "leaders" spend a lot of time and money creating the image of their company, yet much of it is just smoke and mirrors riddled with corruption and lies, with the "feel-good" campaigns they run to cover up their deceit.

It's interesting that we get upset when we see and hear of these things happening, yet we seem to ignore it.

So what is the solution you ask?

It's simple - become a conscious buyer and do your best to purchase from ethical businesses.

It may seem somewhat daunting, however, I assure you that if you start thinking about the companies you are supporting and spend a few moments of your time researching what they claim, you'll find the truth in there somewhere!