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Business in America Needs to Change.

by Chris Gerardi on July 06, 2018
How did we get here? Where are we going? What are we doing?
These are all questions we need to address when it comes to running a business in America. We have all seen and heard about the horrendous things that can happen to businesses. But do we really care? I started this company because I do care and I choose to do things differently because I don’t want to be like the rest. The mainstream media covers barely .000000001 % of what really goes on in the world of business, and what they do cover is orchestrated. 
But if you were to look at where the money is being utilized with certain companies, you won’t need to know much more. It was not long ago I that wanted to set up a vendor booth for a large event that L.L. Bean was the main sponsor of. I was told by the event coordinator that L.L. Bean decides who is allowed to rent a booth and then explained that the chances of Mellivora getting into the event were slim-to-none. 
He also said that the main sponsors pay upwards of $500,000 to sponsor the event, basically monopolizing them. I understand you have to market your company and that does cost quite a bit of money. However, how much is it worth when the average employee is only being paid $9-$14 per hour working for a retail company? On that note, according to 1saley.com the CEO of L.L. Bean was compensated over 12 million dollars!! And much of their products are imported to save on cost!
You see, it's not just a few of the big corporations that are run this way - it’s the majority of them. Most of their money is spent on huge salaries for the top executives and sponsorships that cost a ridiculous amount of money. 
What they're really doing is just making things so much harder for the "little guy"!
Well, these "obstacles" will never stop Mellivora! After all, the company is named after the honey badger! The honey badger never stops reaching for its goals and Mellivora will never stop trying to create an ethical and sustainable apparel company. 
Mellivora not only inspires our customers, but we also inspire all who work with us to grow as creative individuals but also individuals who together make up Mellivora. 
We don’t invest expensive capital in marketing, we INVEST IN PEOPLE! We invest in our beautiful state of Colorado and the USA!! So when you're out and about, please think about where you spend your money. If you want to make an impact you can do so by choosing to support corporations who have a high accountability for what they do. By the way, today is the 4thof July, and we are so grateful to have the freedom to keep doing what we're doing -  and like I said, we'll never stop!