The Mellivora Way

by Jen Coffey on April 23, 2018

Our brand sprouted from a turn down an unknown road and a bumpy past that is hard to relive.

There were many things we wanted to do yet we did not know how we were going to do any of them.

But at the end of the day, the one thing we knew was that we wanted to work for more than just a paycheck.

We wanted to grow within the community, share our inspiration with others, learn as individuals and to grow as a team, all while showing the world “real”, authentic products with nothing but actual credibility behind them.

We were tired of seeing products that are made in factories overseas in mass quantities that have no authenticity coupled with the fact that their outrageous price margins allow them to keep their wages at unlivable levels.

We don’t have to hide behind anything like some other companies.

Everything about us is REAL.

It’s the Mellivora way!

Just like the "real" people who are trying to find a path in life that has more meaning than just a simple paycheck.

When we leave this earth we can’t bring any materials with us, so with that in mind, Mellivora doesn’t want to just sell leggings or other products made in Colorado. We want everyone to know about the true meaning behind Mellivora, and one of those things is exposing what is fake and what is real in our society.

In this day and age, it's quite easy to fall for "the fake" or the "quick fix".

It's just so much easier to choose things on the fly, buying products made from cheap materials, consuming artificial foods, or immersing ourselves in our electronic devices just to fill a void with instant gratification.

When something seems too hard to achieve, do we just give up? Or do we try harder to embrace all the difficulties that accompany success?

Growing up I realized some things come easy and some things you have to work twice as hard for, however, what many people do not realize is that the things we have to work twice as hard for will give us ten times the reward than the things that come easy.

Mellivora has taken a path that is not easy, it's actually tougher than the 9-to-5, and can sometimes make you want to go back to the "comfort" and "structure" of the normal workday.

However, even though none of this has been easy, it has lead to non-monetary rewards that have been endless.

What we know now is that even though it may be hard to pave your own unique path, once it has been paved, it is much more rewarding and fulfilling.

Seeing a customer enjoy a Mellivora product our team created has a priceless feeling.

It's what keeps us going.

Our community is our energy...and our inspiration.