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The Gates We Create

by Chris Gerardi on October 17, 2017
Have you been thinking about wanting to do something different with your life?

Like maybe starting a business, deciding to finally lead a healthy lifestyle, or even trying to end a feud with someone who is/was close to you?

The possibilities are so vast and unpredictable... however, what if I told you this is all so very possible? In life, we are taught as children to think and act in specific ways regardless of how ridiculous they may seem.

For years I came up with so many reasons as to why I couldn't fully achieve what I subconsciously knew I could - and when I say that I don't mean material gain.

No one wants to feel pain, we don't want to suffer, we want to feel good all the time. But what if I told you that you will suffer and you will hurt until you finally "find" your "true" self? And what if I told you I have tears in my eyes writing this post??

"Gates" are created to keep things out, but what If I told you that we really don't need these types of "gates" in this world - and more importantly, in our minds? What if I told you that you - and only you - can be the best version of yourself if you break down those "gates" that you have created within your mind?

What if I told you to stop wasting your time with social media, social drinking, and social smoking? What if I told you the path to yourself maybe lonely? And lastly, what if I told you, you would be scared as hell? But then, what if I told you that YOU CAN do it??

I mean this from the bottom of my heart - me being a person who has failed before, me being a person who was scared, me being a person who is just like you!