How We Do It!!!!

How We Do It!!!!


If you haven't noticed before, when Mellivora releases a new pair of leggings, we will post a story about them on our “Adventures” page.

We will then put the original picture of the leggings in the shop section.

However, you will not be able to purchase them because they are in production.

This is just our way of letting our customers know what's coming.

We don't just make leggings to make leggings.

We make leggings for your inspiration and that's why they all have a story.

We want our customers to connect with us, and not only do we make the most unique and beautiful leggings in the world, we want to share the inspiration that comes with them.

We always use 100% recycled USA milled material for our leggings, which are printed, cut, and sewn in Colorado.

Our production team is very small, so if a pair you were interested in has been sold out, please keep checking back.

However, if you see a pair you like that is in stock we suggest purchasing them as soon as possible because if you wait for more than a day or two they could be gone!

Thanks for all your support and if you would like to try a pair on, check out our retailers on our “Retailer” page!!

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Fit Fest 2017

Fit Fest 2017

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending the McNichols Fit Fest featuring Denver's finest fitness and yoga instructors.

The turnout was above our expectations and we loved sharing the stories that brought our leggings to life!

We were so grateful to be able to connect with people who share our passions and interests and sincerely enjoyed hearing their own stories.

All the positive responses we received about our leggings gave us a great boost of confidence (which every startup company "needs") and for all of you who supported us throughout the event, we truly appreciate it and we hope to see you next time!!

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Thank You!

Thank You!

To Our Loyal Customers:

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience if we have recently sold out of a style or size of legging you want.

We did not anticipate the major influx of orders we have recently received and are currently receiving this quickly, especially because we started Mellivora just a few months ago.

If this is the case for you, please know we are working as quickly as possible to catch our supply up to the demand.

However, we are very excited to see the amount of interest coming from our supporters - especially during the events we have attended, which have truly enjoyed!

Thank you so much for your support and patience while we navigate through our "growing pains"!

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What Inspires You?

What Inspires You?
Between the vendor fairs, festivals, and the production of our newest pattern inspired by our latest adventure, we have been quite busy!

Each time Mellivora hits another milestone, we find it important to reflect and refocus as needed.

Have you ever felt stuck, constantly spinning your wheels, and never reaching a sense of true fulfillment?

So have we!

The decision to let go of the unimportant, unnecessary and excessive objects in our lives is the exact reason why our team came to be, and this is what drives us to continue living out the Mellivora Mission every day.

Beyond the real-life adventures that inspire our patterns, we choose to align each aspect of Mellivora to the same standards that we know will make an impact for the better, such as recycled materials and packaging.

We sincerely believe that this intrinsic blend of personal and professional values is the future of a successful and sustainable business.

Take a moment to contemplate how your everyday decisions can actually make an impact in life.

Maybe you decided to pick up a healthy breakfast from the local café instead of choosing a “corporate” coffee house - a choice that not only benefited your health but also caused a positive ripple effect in your community.

The Mellivora team has transformed their own lives through these types of small steps and at the same time becoming more thoughtful and deliberate, from what we put in and on our bodies, to how we spend our money and time.

Replacing an excessive materialistic mindset for that of an experience driven lifestyle was the first step in bringing Mellivora to life.

We are passionate about our ability to encourage others through our story and product and hope that you will join us on this journey of growth and transformation of the Mellivora community.

Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more inspiration and keep an eye out for the Mellivora newsletter, coming soon!!

Now it's your turn - tell us - what inspires you?

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Mellivora's First Retail Location!

Mellivora's First Retail Location!

As Mellivora started production, there was much debate as to whether or not we should sell to retailers.

If so, who would we feel best about collaborating with?

It was decided from the very beginning that “big box” stores were out of the question, since one of the main things Mellivora prides itself on is the small-batch production right out of Colorado.

Based on our mission and goals for the company, small boutiques and fitness studios felt like the best places to house our product.

As we’ve started to reach out to retailers in Colorado, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with many impressive business owners with beautiful spaces.

Much like the Mellivora gear, these individuals and stores have a unique story and adventure that has led them to their current path.

One inspiring story that stands out in particular is also our very first retail location.

Angel Concept is a specialty gift store that sells fine clothing and artwork, who's mission goes much deeper than finding the perfect gift for your mother or best friend.

Angel Concept is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization providing struggling, disadvantaged women with work-skills training in a retail environment, which enables them to build their self-esteem and technical skills to help prepare them to become successful employees in the retail world.

These women may be victims of abuse, domestic violence, or substance dependency.

They also may be single mothers or homeless and lacking basic job skills.

The idea was conceived by Sue Hosier who, after finding herself in a destructive domestic situation, transformed her own life by attaining a 25-year nursing career and a nurturing home for her children.

Through Angel Concept, Sue is helping other women find their own paths to self-sufficiency.

Angel Concept believes that with opportunity and education, many of these women can draw upon their inner strengths, build their self-esteem, and transform their lives.

Mellivora is proud and honored to partner with an organization who not only shares our vision of changing lives through good business, but has successfully done so already.

If you find yourself in Downtown Littleton anytime soon, make sure to stop in and tell them Mellivora sent you!

In the meantime, check out Angel Concept online to learn more!

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New Designs!

New Designs!

You may have noticed that some of our leggings have been marked, "Sold Out".

That's because we weren't anticipating such a great interest this quickly in our leggings!

We are working diligently to not only replenish our stock, but also working on bringing you new designs, while improving our product, all right here in Colorado!

Here are a few highlights we are most excited share with you about the new designs:

The Style: Just like our original leggings, every piece of the new Mellivora designs are a direct connection to a recent adventure experienced by one of our team members. Not only will we be creating some amazing new styles, but will also be on the lookout for new patterns - all created from a photo taken while "adventuring"!

The Fit: Mellivora's new leggings are not only "in style" and of the highest quality, they're also made with function in mind. The 3-inch waist band and specially designed inseam will keep you looking smooth and feeling comfortable, no matter what adventure your day takes you on.

The Inspiration: Mellivora has been BUSY - and not just with production. New adventures in new locales have given us more inspiration than ever, and we can't wait to get back to the drawing board again to continue creating pieces that tell our story and speak to your heart.

Check out our Stories to learn more about where each of us have been and how it connects back to our new designs!

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Why Mellivora?

Why Mellivora?
Mellivora was founded upon the idea of getting outside to find inspiration.

While living an active lifestyle as a female, I find myself wearing leggings during my morning run, to the grocery store, to dinner or even just for a few drinks!

I used to put on a pair of leggings and never thought twice about where they came from or why I was even putting them on (I only knew that they were comfy).

But then, I began to feel like just another dollar sign in the eyes of the corporate companies.

By putting on the same black leggings day after day, I often felt frustrated because I wanted more of out the clothes I spent my hard earned money on.

I wanted to feel more empowered and connected to the resources I was investing in.

We can easily go through life buying things over and over again, that of which we have no connection with or no idea where the resources came from.

So what can we gain from that concept?

When will we find happiness or self-fulfillment in the items we are investing in?

That's exactly why Mellivora wants to change the way you consume products.

We want to connect you to products that not only inspire you personally, but motivate you to make conscious decisions to benefit your community and our world.

When I wake up and put on a pair of Mellivora leggings, I feel a rush of self-worth and empowerment to take on any challenge that comes my way.

While many negative events are taking place in this world, I'm reminded daily that all of us can put more energy into being conscious about how our actions, including purchases, are effecting our personal growth, the world we live in, and future generations.

When I put on a pair of Mellivora leggings, I know that I am supporting a company that is trying to do many positive things in this world, and I too, feel inspired to make a difference in this world every chance I get! Continue reading

Mellivora Gear

Mellivora Gear

Hello friends!

In case you weren't aware, we manufacture all of our leggings right here in Colorado!!

Even though it's a slightly slower production rate, the details and quality are much better.

Mellivora wants to make the most unique and best quality leggings available.

We are working very closely with our developer to make sure each pair lives up to Mellivora's standards.

Right now we are about 35 days from completion and will be carrying five prints, and working on more as we go.

We are currently working with a small batch clothing company in Colorado not only for our our leggings, but also for high-quality men's shorts and T-shirts!

Mellivora wants to prove that not only can you make quality products in the USA, but that the profits do not have to be the number one priority.

In our eyes quality and ethically sourced materials, employee satisfaction, and empowering our customer are number one!

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Grand Lake Co.

Grand Lake Co.

Taking a trip to Grand Lake to hike and get fresh air was much needed.

Sometimes in life (or shall I say most of the time) we get so caught up in our daily routines.

Routines seem to kill our energy and our creativity, which causes people lose themselves in a never-ending circle.

I ask myself all the time, what are people really working for?

Is it a house or a car that they can call their own?

Why do we always have to define ourselves through what material goods we own?

I've always found it quite sad that most people are just going through the motions of daily life without taking the time to realize who they truly are deep down.

Expressing yourself through your creativity and imagination can bring forth such a rewarding feeling, whereas, our dull, daily routines usually just end up fulfilling someone else's passions, and gives us nothing in return.

That's not to say that we shouldn't work hard to achieve that great home or car you've been dreaming of, but it's all about stepping out of your comfort zone, to try to find out what will make you grow as a person, and once attained, to go out and pursue those endeavors, whether they help you financially nor not.

From what I've learned through my own personal experiences, once you decide to pursue your passions, your life will change in ways you never expected!

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Why the name Mellivora?

Why the name Mellivora?

Many people have asked why we chose to call our brand Mellivora.

Mellivora is a latin term for the honey badger.

We at Mellivora feel like we resonate with honey badgers since we are relentless in our pursuit of finding what life means through our experiences.

The honey badger is a totally fearless animal, and no matter how small they are, they fear nothing.

We are also trying to seek life through "adventure" in a fearless way.

We want our followers and customers to pursue life and adventure in the same way.

Humans are small in comparison to the world around us, however, through the fearless pursuit, we can achieve great things and overcome all fears.

We want to inspire others to do the same no matter what the obstacles are.

We believe that everyone has an "inner Mellivora", and want you to find your "fearlessness" through your own adventures!


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