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Sacrifice to Achieve?

by Chris Gerardi on September 25, 2017

In life, we are faced with so many challenges, one of which is a very important question we all must ask ourselves: What is my purpose?

I have pondered this for years, so I basically disconnected myself from it. However, I still searched for it by trying many different things in my life. Some of them worked a little but many did not, leaving me feeling empty and unfulfilled. I always thought a good job, money and material goods would make me happy, but I realized, after losing my job, that I had invested a lot of time and heart into working for a company that frankly did not give a sh*t about me.

After leaving this job, I decided to truly search for more meaning in life. I realized the "barriers" I had been facing were just an illusion and in fact, there are no actual "barriers" in our world. This is something that many of us have unconsciously grown-up thinking, but in all reality, when we realize we can conquer our mindset we can achieve anything we want.

However, we have to be willing to sacrifice what feels "safe" to us. The idea of safety and conformity is just an idea - it does not really exist. It is important to remember that the mind can hold you back and can make you experience unnecessary emotions.

One of the hardest things to do in life is figuring out how to conquer your mind at its own game. Everybody has an "excuse" as to why they can't find their purpose, but these "excuses" may come with unforeseen sacrifices, which blind them to be able to find their true "path" in life.

The choices we choose make to change our lives and to find more purpose may not be seen today, but if you plant the seeds of change now, those seeds will grow to help change your life for the better in the future.

So if you have not found your purpose yet, don't ever give up, just keep on searching!