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Rocky Mountain High

by Chris Gerardi on January 09, 2017
When John Denver wrote the song, “Rocky Mountain High”, many of us thought it was about weed (and how ironic is it that pot is now legal here?).

When you live in Colorado, it's hard to avoid all the possibilities when it comes to “getting high”.

And when I talk about “getting high”, for me, that doesn't mean weed - it means climbing Fourteeners.

There aren't any material goods in this world that can match the experience of being on top of a Fourteener.

It truly offers a sense of accomplishment and clarity like nothing else.

Think about the feeling of buying a new item and how it makes you feel at that moment, then think about the feeling you get when it ends up wearing off in just hours, leaving you feeling totally empty.

Well, that type of "feeling" becomes obsolete when you've reached the summit of a Fourteener.

That's the moment when you begin to recognize the importance of the feeling of fulfillment, which will last long after the day ends and into your lifetime.

These memories will follow you throughout your life, whereas, the “high” from attaining material items will just fade away like water in the desert, but when you take in the fresh air and sense the serenity that only nature offers, the mind will find clarity.