New Designs!

New Designs!

You may have noticed that some of our leggings have been marked, "Sold Out".

That's because we weren't anticipating such a great interest this quickly in our leggings!

We are working diligently to not only replenish our stock, but also working on bringing you new designs, while improving our product, all right here in Colorado!

Here are a few highlights we are most excited share with you about the new designs:

The Style: Just like our original leggings, every piece of the new Mellivora designs are a direct connection to a recent adventure experienced by one of our team members. Not only will we be creating some amazing new styles, but will also be on the lookout for new patterns - all created from a photo taken while "adventuring"!

The Fit: Mellivora's new leggings are not only "in style" and of the highest quality, they're also made with function in mind. The 3-inch waist band and specially designed inseam will keep you looking smooth and feeling comfortable, no matter what adventure your day takes you on.

The Inspiration: Mellivora has been BUSY - and not just with production. New adventures in new locales have given us more inspiration than ever, and we can't wait to get back to the drawing board again to continue creating pieces that tell our story and speak to your heart.

Check out our Stories to learn more about where each of us have been and how it connects back to our new designs!