Mellivora Leggings

Mellivora Leggings

Mellivora creates all of the legging designs from some of the many of the adventures we go on.

Our leggings are designed from the actual images that are taken during these expeditions.

We are looking to help people see the “bigger picture” in life and each pair has a story of inspiration.

We don't want to just sell leggings, we want to sell inspiration and connection.

Every pair is made in the USA and we are in the process of having them cut and sewn right here in Colorado!

We want people to see that Mellivora is more than just a clothing company.

Mellivora is about connecting people to the outdoors and adventure, so you can find your own authentic inspiration in the gear you invest in.

We hope to inspire our friends and customers, but are mostly interested in helping change the way America does business!