Mellivora Gear

Mellivora Gear

Hello friends!

In case you weren't aware, we manufacture all of our leggings right here in Colorado!!

Even though it's a slightly slower production rate, the details and quality are much better.

Mellivora wants to make the most unique and best quality leggings available.

We are working very closely with our developer to make sure each pair lives up to Mellivora's standards.

Right now we are about 35 days from completion and will be carrying five prints, and working on more as we go.

We are currently working with a small batch clothing company in Colorado not only for our our leggings, but also for high-quality men's shorts and T-shirts!

Mellivora wants to prove that not only can you make quality products in the USA, but that the profits do not have to be the number one priority.

In our eyes quality and ethically sourced materials, employee satisfaction, and empowering our customer are number one!