Life isn't perfect…

Life isn't perfect…
Life isn't perfect…
Another thing we hear again and again but many of us can not accept it.
We want life to be "perfect", it's ingrained in us as children, in our society, on social media, we praise it, we pray for it, but do we really want it?
Is it all a fairytale that we believe will make us happy?


We can act like our life is perfect and it may very well be in other peoples eyes but in all reality, no one is happy with trying to live a life that is perfect in other peoples' eyes.
We need to only strive to live the life that fits us perfectly - that means we do not need to fit into anyone else mold or opinion on what's right or what's "perfect".


Once we accept that our lives will never be perfect we can then focus on how to make our life the way we want to it be.
How to make ourselves happy and the ones we love happy are the only questions we need to ask ourselves.
Perfectionism and happiness never happen together.
They will never be in the same sentence and really never should be.
Happiness should be different for everyone and always has a different recipe.
No one person has the same recipe for happiness, so the idea of everyone living the same perfect life and being happy is a reality that will never be true.