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How We Do It!!!!

by Chris Gerardi on August 31, 2017


If you haven't noticed before, when Mellivora releases a new pair of leggings, we will post a story about them on our “Adventures” page.

We will then put the original picture of the leggings in the shop section.

However, you will not be able to purchase them because they are in production.

This is just our way of letting our customers know what's coming.

We don't just make leggings to make leggings.

We make leggings for your inspiration and that's why they all have a story.

We want our customers to connect with us, and not only do we make the most unique and beautiful leggings in the world, we want to share the inspiration that comes with them.

We always use 100% recycled USA milled material for our leggings, which are printed, cut, and sewn in Colorado.

Our production team is very small, so if a pair you were interested in has been sold out, please keep checking back.

However, if you see a pair you like that is in stock we suggest purchasing them as soon as possible because if you wait for more than a day or two they could be gone!

Thanks for all your support and if you would like to try a pair on, check out our retailers on our “Retailer” page!!