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Grand Teton National Park

by Jen Coffey on January 24, 2017

Planning new adventures brings out a sense of eagerness to seek out new destinations that have their own eternal unique beauty, as well as their own unique challenges.

This trip began early one Saturday morning.

Setting out at dawn may seem like a daunting task, but it brings an extra level of excitement to wake up and begin on an unknown path well before most wake up to their hectic schedules and daily static norms.

Just like the challenges we face daily in life, being on road brings just as many.

Unlike the challenges we may face at work, in relationships, or at home, the challenges placed on oneself during an adventure doesn't compare to other daily challenges we face in life.

When you don't have anyone placing certain expectations upon you, you begin to see and feel things in a different way.

Sometimes the biggest roadblocks we encounter in life are the expectations we feel we have to meet.

We may feel like we have to meet these expectations because others think it is what is best or it is what society thinks we should be doing or achieving.

Planning your own path and your own adventure without others' expectations automatically brings a priceless feeling of self accomplishment.

Others' expectations and your own expectations are often very different which can easily lead you down a path that is not your own.

It isn't about accomplishing one thing for someone else or checking something off the daily "to do" list.

Your life is about your individuality, the things that fuel your own unique passions, and the wonderful things that fill your soul with happiness.

One “wrong turn” on the seven-hour drive ended up with an extra three hours on the road.

The realization that this had happened lead to a rush of emotional frustrations from anger (for wasting time), to a defeated feeling because there wasn't anything that could have been done about it.

In our busy daily lives, we often forget to look at the many hidden positive things that come out of taking a "wrong turn".

Sometimes a “wrong turn” in life can take you back a couple steps, however, it can lead you to the beautiful sights of nature and a sense of accomplishment that would not of have been possible to reach if that “wrong turn” had not have happened. T

The “wrong turn” on this adventure lead to a beautiful scenic drive through the Bighorn National Forest - an area of the state that comes with breathtaking views - which prompted the feeling that the “wrong turn” that was taken placed us on the perfect path that we were meant to be on.

Don't be afraid of taking "wrong turns" in life - you never know where they might lead you.

The other challenge that comes with being a traveling, adventurous soul, is the unknown factor of weather.

Mother Nature definitely will keep you on your toes and makes you appreciate a majestic sunny sky, while never letting you forget how harsh the weather conditions can get in just a blink of an eye.

The conditions upon entering the Grand Teton National Park went from sunny skies, to clouds that began to look ominous.

After a full day in the car this was the last thing we wanted to welcome us.

The initial goal was to capture an image of the magnificent Grand Tetons.

However, with the clouds covering the peaks which quickly became as thick as a wool blanket, we realized that Mother Nature had no intention of clearing up.

This adventure came with some challenges, but it also came with many rewarding feelings that no material thing or person could replace.

Life comes with many inevitable challenges and “wrong turns”.

If we look at these challenges or “wrong turns” with a clear mindset, they can be seen as steps that lead us to that exact road that we are supposed to be on.

With the right mindset we can navigate through life without the fear of making a “wrong turn”.