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FAQ's from Yoga Rocks the Park

by Chris Gerardi on June 02, 2017

As we head out of town on a different type of adventure this weekend, I reflect on the amazing month we’ve had with Mellivora.

As much as our team loves and believes in our brand, we had no idea whether or not that feeling would resonate with others in the same way.

With much of our inventory having been sold, the Mellivora team is absolutely thrilled to see that you do as well and that is much appreciated!

Last week, we had the pleasure of spending the day talking leggings and adventure with Rachel at "Yoga Rocks the Park" in Denver, CO.

What started out as one small event (30 Yogis!) has become a nation-wide movement to cultivate a sense of community, peace, and joy.

Mellivora is honored to be a part of that movement and hope that much like YRtP, our small batch production line will reach and inspire every corner of the globe one day.

This was our very first vendor-style event, and we loved all of the great questions and responses that you brought to us!

In case you don’t live in CO or just didn’t get the chance to make it to YRtP this weekend, I’d like to share a few of our most frequently asked questions of the day...

“How do you get the photos to put on the leggings?”

Every pair of Mellivora leggings is designed from a photo that our team has taken while on an adventure.

No Photoshop here!

We believe in purchasing and wearing clothing that speaks to you on a personal level, and hope that our leggings do just that.

Head to the STORIES section of our website to read about the adventure that inspired your favorite pair...

“Where and how do you have them made?”

Mellivora works with a small batch production team right here in Colorado.

This team sources our 100% recycled material (made from plastic bottles!) and then prints, hand cuts, and sews all under the same roof!

This process may take a little longer and be a bit more expensive, but Mellivora was founded on the principle of buying less and buying better - we truly believe that “slow fashion” is the way of the future.

“When will the products go on sale, do you offer discounts?”

While we may do a special promotion here or there, the team made a conscious decision when Mellivora was founded to set the product at a price that honestly reflects the amount of work, attention to detail, and overall quality of our product.

The "Big box" retailers are well aware that everyone loves a good deal, and mark their product up accordingly, however, their "quality" ultimately declines, unbeknownst to the purchaser.

Mellivora prefers to grow our business on the idea that you, as a consumer, do not need to be tricked by a “bargain”!

Once you compare our product and mission to that of our competitors, Mellivora clearly stands above the rest.

We’re so confident in our product, that we actually promise to buy back any unsold product(s) from our retail stores.

“What if my leggings tear or just don’t work out?”

In conjunction with the above question, Mellivora stands by our product and message.

Though we doubt you’ll ever have a problem with the construction of the leggings, we back them 100%.

Should something not work out, just shoot us an email and we’ll take care of you right away!

Though we won’t be out at YRtP this weekend, we’ll be back for another round soon!

Follow us on social media for the upcoming dates and times!

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions!!