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Demand Authenticity!

by Chris Gerardi on January 02, 2018
Where do I start?

I have to say there are some things that I see every day that just drive me nuts! There are so many ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and so much of it is fake.

Everything from clothing that claims they produce locally, to people claiming to be millionaires with their get rich quick schemes, to food claiming to be "healthy".

Let's be honest - it's all just lies!

I see ads on TV knowing that those companies are spending millions of dollars on themselves, yet their employees struggle to receive just a 1.5% raise.

Let's cut the crap already!

It's time to quit buying products from companies that only feed on our emotions with feel-good thoughts, yet what they're doing behind the scenes is just criminal!

What will it take for Americans to quit feeding the beast - yes, the beast - those overbearing corporations that pollute and destroy the earth just for their profits?

I don't mean to sound so upset, but I am! I'm tired of people claiming they are all about the environment, fair wages, and sustainability, yet they are wearing these clothing brands and we all know who they are.

Supporting retail chains that buy imported goods incredibly cheap for profit, is taking advantage of cheap labor and bad work conditions.

These are people too and they deserve to be treated right.

I would imagine if these brands showed their production houses in their ads people would change their minds about supporting them.

It's not that they can't produce goods ethically, it's that they are addicted to greed and profits.

Mellivora proves everyday that it is possible to make quality products that are made entirely in the US and at the same time bring it with a fair price with an ethical supply chain from start to finish.

Do you really think your shoes are that special when they were produced for $10 which you paid $100 for and everybody is wearing them?

Guess what? They're a dime a dozen, and made cheaply.

When will we realize that things made cheap, such as food and clothing are just that - CHEAP!

People think they are getting a deal when clothing is on sale, but are they really getting one? More than likely not.

So what's the point of covering your body in cheap materials that won't last?

Well, I have a great idea for you!

Spend 2018 buying less and not supporting unethical corporations.

Instead, go for quality, not quantity and support those companies that give real wages to every person involved in their manufacturing.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you understand my point-of-view!