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David vs Goliath

by Chris Gerardi on December 03, 2017

We have all heard the story of David and Goliath.

This is a story that many very small clothing companies may know all too well.

Mellivora is one of those tiny companies trying to change the way people look at purchasing clothing.

The clothing industry is much like the food industry - specific words are used in many ways to to make the consumer feel good about what they consume.

However, almost all of this is a mask for profits.

Much of the apparel that says "Made in the USA" is made in California, where there are many sweatshops. The workers are paid way below minimum wage in almost every case.

Many "big brands" are sending all their productions overseas to make huge profits, paying the workers virtually nothing with no benefits or worker's compensation, which is just an exploitation for profit gain.

So just because it says "Made in the USA", it does not mean the person who made it was paid a fair wage.

Mellivora uses ONLY USA milled fabric, makes every pair in Denver, and they are sewn by only one seamstress!

Let's get back to the battle of David and Goliath...

Mellivora wants to educate people on clothing production by showing that great local products can be made at a fair price, with complete transparency.

We don't make huge profits, but we also aren't just doing this for the money either.

We are doing this to inspire people to change their lives and to break away from their daily routines.

We want our customer and others to understand the importance of transparency in clothing manufacturing.

In time, we will expand our clothing line, but it will always be sustainable and will always be made in Colorado.

Every day we will fight the mainstream "big brands", and even though we may not be winning yet, at some point we will!!

Please take the time to look at the stories behind each pair of leggings at the adventure tab.

We also want to thank all of you for your support in our quest to change the mindset of many.

Thank you!!