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"Big Picture"

by Jen Coffey on August 22, 2018


The "big picture" – hard work and patience -working hard and being patient for the "big picture" of what you want from life is harder than we want to believe it is.

“The big picture” - what does that really mean? Working hard for what you are passionate about is easy. Being patient for what you love is easy. Yet, why are so many struggling to find that patience and finding something to passionately work hard for. Working hard and being patient for what we really want in this society is no easy trek. 

If it was easy to sacrifice our ego down to ground zero, to let go of expectations we have for ourselves and loved ones, we would be able to focus on finding what we are truly passionate about and we would have a lot more happy people in this society. 

Truly knowing and diligently working hard at what you are sincerely passionate about helps us find patience in a society that wants us to have everything but patience. We are in a society that prides instant gratification over and over again. 

The reason most of us lack patience is that we place too many high expectations on everything around us, we try to reach perfectionism (when there is no such thing), all while not realizing the many beneficial things that come with sacrifice. 

Sacrifice for many seems scary and uncomfortable, yet, I've seen sacrifice turn into many positive things which have brought me more happiness than I ever thought was possible for me. Sacrifice does not mean following along with what your friends are doing, or what your others want your life to look like, or what you “think” you should be doing at your age. It means you are able to not give into things you know will not benefit you or provide you something to learn and grow from. Someone once told me, if you want to fly with eagles you can’t hang out at the chicken coop. You have to surround yourself with eagles. You don’t find many “eagles” at the bar night after night and you sure don’t find many “eagles” on social media looking for instant gratification or worrying what others think about the clothes you wear. Sacrifice is what gets us to where we want to go and helps us find our “big picture” in life.